ELPH General Fund

5,000,000 ELPH is the premine left. 13,750,000 ELPH were spent for swap process v1-->v2 (7.5% of 250M total supply = 18,750,000)
#TickerDonated AddressBalanceValue (BTC)Value (USD)
1 ELPH PhyrexWRcyzBZTbuGpBDUY1um24JrokRiifHgpsLKVXvNuzrLJFftEJgFLq9upTCaUgrNM5MXPVktfEfLzBHBRNDLSDTwyhCYfe3R 5,000,000.00 0.05 371.65
2 BTC 33WBhHados2xCmJecXZNoeR4TzDJ37wf8m 0.0 N/A 0.00


# Name Description Status Comment
1 TradeOgre.com Form submitted. No respond yet In progress TradeOgre form page
2 Crex24.com Form submitted. Negative answer
(No more CryptoNote Monero/BCN coins integration)
Closed Crex24
3 Graviex.net 0.4 BTC Not applied Graviex.net
4 FirstCryptoBank (FCB) Listed on January 2019. FREE. Active BTC/ELPH | LTC/ELPH | DOGE/ELPH
5 Finexbox.com Listing fee 0.15 BTC for one pair BTC Active ELPH/BTC
6 TradeCX.io Listing fee 0.01 BTC for 1 pair BTC Active ELPH/BTC
7 Stex.com Listing fee 0.5 BTC for a LTC pair, 1 BTC for a BTC pair Not applied Stex
8 Raisex.io Listing fee 0.2 BTC for pair BTC Not applied Raisex
9 Wadax.io Listing fee free ? Applied - No answer Wadax
10 Probitex.com Listing fee 0.1 BTC for 4 pairs BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE Not applied Probitex

Help Wanted

# Description Type Status Link
1 We submitted to TradeOgre our application of listing. We seek for community's voice. Exchange Pending TradeOgre
2 Join our discord and help to grow (100 ELPH tip for new user) Community Ongoing Elphyrecoin Discord
3 Spread the awareness of Elphyrecoin by ELPH community. Community Ongoing Elphyrecoin Discord
4 Follow our Twitter and re-tweet any you like. Community Ongoing @elphyrecoin
5 We need a powerfull ELPH Network: we need more miners! Community Ongoing Mining pools


# Description Price Status Comment